How To Write A Short Story: From Blocked to Finished First Draft - A Step By Step Guide

A Step By Step Guide to Go From Blocked to Finished First Draft 

What you'll get:

  • a finished draft of a new short story
  • prompts and story starters to use for dozens of new stories
  • the satisfaction of creating a successful short story


Discover How Pro Authors Write Endless Short Stories

It’s a myth that writing has to be slow and difficult.

It doesn’t.

Are you ready to discover the AMAZING stories you can write when you follow the right steps?

Some people think writing short stories is a mysterious process, that it can’t be boiled down to a formula.

But the truth is, there IS a formula to writing a short story.

And that formula works for ALL types of writing from literary fiction to genre fiction.

Writing a short story becomes easy once you know the formula.

Writing becomes fun again, and so deeply rewarding!

That’s why many authors continue to write short stories their whole lives.

Hi, I'm Tessa Smith McGovern. I've taught writing for 23 years (since 2011 at The Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College). I'm also an award-winning, Amazon best-selling author selected as a 'Featured' author by Kirkus Reviews.

My new online course, compiled from my years of experience as a writer and an instructor, can teach you this formula and unlock all the stories inside you.

And the best part? Because this course is prerecorded and self-paced, you can use its framework and tips over and over again - you can make new choices each time you go through the videos and write as many stories as you like.

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Let me teach you the cure for writer's block and unfinished drafts.

The hard truth is this: Sometimes, even though you yearn to write and know you have stories inside you, life’s just too busy and you haven’t got time to think up any good ideas. It can feel like the Muse has abandoned you.

At other times, you walk around with characters and story ideas in your head and maybe you get a few ideas down on paper - or you even start to write the story - but then things blow up at work or the cat gets ill or your family needs you and those ideas - suffocated by inattention and lack of time - evaporate.

And it can be hard to work on a story when you don’t know if your idea will work in the first place.

What would be a good first sentence?

What if your character is boring?

What happens in the middle?

How do you craft a satisfying ending?

So days turn into weeks and still you haven’t written the story. Before you realize it, that pressing, once-vital idea evaporates into thin air.

The story that could-have-been never sees the light of day while other writers, with stories that might be less compelling or well-written, continue to write and publish.

How do they do it? They have a system.

Imagine if you had a system...your words will flow and you’ll never lose another idea to the ether again.

And after 25 years of writing and 23 years of teaching, I've discovered the #1 most effective way to get your short story written.

Even if you've started and abandoned a story before, even if you’ve never even begun to capture your ideas on paper…

It's not too late to start.

Yes, I promise, it's not too late to turn everything around.

Kind Words

“Tessa was a remarkable teacher, not just of writing in the digital age, but of the art and craft of writing in general. Her vision was timeless and inspired, and her course was truly life-changing for me.”

Jeanne Chinard, The Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, NY

“Tessa...brought fresh energy, inspiration, and creative ideas to her workshop. The impossible no longer feels impossible, thanks to Tessa. I am 300% glad to have studied with her.”

Ellen Luborsky, PhD, The Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, NY

“Tessa...has valuable insight into the psychology of writing and writers.”

Jeanette Gould, The Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, NY


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