1-Year Program: Create Your Author Brand, Build Your Platform & Grow Your Reader Email List With AI

Let's get your author platform built, make your book atttractive to agents and publishers, and grow your email list!

What you'll get:

  • 📚 Two LIVE workshops with Tessa EVERY MONTH for a year
  • 📚 A fun, step-by-step guide to make your book stand out
  • 📚 A unique author brand that connects emotionally with readers
  • 📚 An author platform to attract a traditional publisher or self-publish your work
  • 📚 A growing email list of dedicated readers 
  • 📚 Discover how to use AI for marketing so you have more time to write

Join us to take charge of your author career in a delightful way that also develops your art and craft!

One year of live coaching with Tessa - only $46.30 a session!