Create a Compelling Character: Hook Readers Instantly

The ultimate character creation course!

Discover how to turn readers into raving fans and they will seek out your other stories.

Why do we remember Sherlock Holmes? Not because of the crimes he solved but because of his complex, flawed character.

People think creating a compelling character is difficult.

It isn’t.

There are authors who repeatedly create memorable characters that readers love - or despise!


They have a system.

Are you ready to discover the FASCINATING characters you can create when you follow the right steps?

Use this course REPEATEDLY to create as many unforgettable, flawed, entertaining characters as you like.

What you'll get:

  • A step-by-step guide that makes you confident your ideas will work

  • A fun, easy way to build a character who will drive your story's action - a crucial skill for all fiction writers

  • Fresh insight into the types of characters YOU care about the most

  • The ability to create characters that readers care about (the way you care about characters in your favorite stories!)

Lifetime access.

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